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Meet Dr Rosie Sadegh BSc(OT), BHSc(Chiro), MClinChiro

Offering Chiropractic Care in Melbourne CBD

Dr Rosie Sadegh (Chiropractor) of Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic

Dr Rosie Sadegh (Chiropractor)

Rosie is a recent graduate from RMIT University. Rosie is also an overseas trained Occupational Therapist. She practices gentle chiropractic techniques and has a special interest in sports injuries. Rosie uses a variety of individualised treatments including Diversified and Gonstead Manipulation, biomechanical blocking, taping. She also uses low force techniques such as: joint mobilisation, facilitated stretching techniques, Activator, SOT adjustments and soft tissue techniques.

She is an enthusiastic chiropractor who is keen to help you with your injury and pain. She is also keen to help you optimise your sports performance by making subtle changes to your posture and movement patterns.

Schedule your appointment with Dr Rosie today! Call our Melbourne CBD office at (03) 9654 5228.