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Meet Dr Chris Vandeloo

Activating Your Body’s Natural Abilities

Dr Chris Vandeloo (Chiropractor)

Dr Chris Vandeloo (Chiropractor)

Essendon chiropractor, Dr Chris Vandeloo’s experience with an orthopaedic condition as a child led him on the path to chiropractic.

He was fascinated that natural medicine could treat and fix conditions and have a large impact on a person’s life.

Chiropractors believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and Dr Chris enjoys sharing this natural philosophy with his patients.

Professional Qualifications

After working as a medical scientist at Health Scope for six years, Dr Chris found that he wanted to deal with people, not names, and pursued his chiropractic education.

Dr Chris attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He has completed focused post-graduate learning in Scoliosis Management, Adolescent & Paediatric healthcare. Dr Chris also holds the following qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in biomedical science and biotechnology
  • A Bachelor’s of complementary medicine and chiropractic
  • A Master’s degree in clinical chiropractic

Staying Healthy and Fit

When he’s not seeing patients in the clinic, Dr Chris maintains a high level of personal fitness. He regularly goes to the gym, runs, and plays sports such as Australian Rules Football. He’s experienced back pain in the past and knows that regular chiropractic care is the key to maintaining his active lifestyle. He’s also a member of the local Lion’s Club.

Going Above and Beyond

To maintain the highest level of patient care, Dr Chris frequently does concierge chiropractic work in patients’ homes or comes into the office on Sundays. He also does ergonomics assessments, both in your home and workplace, and utilizes scoliosis techniques in his practice.

Give us a call in Essendon today to book your appointment with Dr Chris! (03) 9379-5425