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Meet Dr Laura Lawrence

Offering Chiropractic Care in Melbourne CBD

Dr Laura Lawrence (Chiropractor) of Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic

Dr Laura Lawrence (Chiropractor)

Dr Laura Lawrence (Chiropractor) is a graduate of RMIT in Melbourne and has been a chiropractic patient since birth.

As such, she has a firm belief in Chiropractic care for young children.

She also works closely alongside her father, Dr Ernest Lawrence (Chiropractor) to co-manage patients who may have multiple health concerns.

Women’s Health

Laura has a special interest in female development especially teenage growth and posture.

Her principle practice has always been focused on all aspects of Women’s Health with particular attention to support during pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant care.

Outside of the Office

She utilizes many different techniques and maintains her clinical experience by attending post-graduate seminars and conferences on health, nutrition and exercise throughout Australia.

Laura is currently completing her Masters in Wellness health care with emphasis in Nutritional Medicine and herbal Supplementation.

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