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Meet Our Staff

Colleen Lawrence | Chiropractic Assistant

Colleen at Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic in Essendon

Colleen, CA

I first started working at Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic in 1990. It was a very warm family environment focused on natural health and the wellbeing of families.

I then married Dr Andrew and have worked on and off during the last 20 years whilst raising our children. Chiropractic care has been an essential part of our families primary health regime.
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In 2012 when Dr Chris Vandeloo started with us, I returned to part-time work in the Essendon clinic working with both Dr Andrew and Dr Chris. It remains a family based clinic full of care and laughter with many patients I saw 20 years ago now bringing in their children and thus giving them a safe, natural, effective way to manage their growth and health throughout their lives.

It was, and remains a privilege to be a part of such a successful, long term, caring clinic and as such, I am proud to be a part of it.

Marlo Davis | Chiropractic Assistant

Marlo of Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic in Essendon

Marlo, CA

I have been working for Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic for 27 years and it has been more than a pleasure to do so. I have seen nothing but excellent quality care and education that Drs Andrew, Ernest and Laura Lawrence (Chiropractors) have given to our patients as well as myself and my family.
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It has been a great learning experience for myself watching patients learn about chiropractic care and taking a natural approach to healing and good health. Seeing children enjoy their visits to the clinic with their families and starting off their lives in the best way, making chiropractic an important part of their life.

It is also very enjoyable and a great feeling when patients have referred others and shared with their friends and families the positive experience they have received from natural healing and education after attending our clinic.

Kerry Stacey | Chiropractic Assistant

Kerry of Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic in Essendon

Kerry, CA

I had not experienced Chiropractic treatment until joining Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic several years ago. I have since embraced and continue to be enlightened by the treatment.  A quote that I love is: “the body’s own innate intelligence to heal itself.” I love working within the health industry!
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At Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic, our patients are our number 1 priority whether they be a newborn child, senior citizen, TAC or Work Cover patient they will always be greeted with a friendly smile from the staff and be supplied with the information they need about their treatment.

To the credit of the chiropractors, it has been amazing to see people who have entered our clinic in excruciating pain and after several treatments, experiencing relief from their pain. Many have also embraced the natural therapy treatment and continue to receive ongoing maintenance appointments.

Sarah Hegge-Taylor | Receptionist

Meet our staff at Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic in Essendon and Melbourne CBD

Sarah, Receptionist

My name is Sarah and I am the Monday/Friday receptionist as well as a part-time university student. I come from Brisbane originally and moved to study in Melbourne CBD during 2011 and have been working at Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic ever since. I love working here due to the intimate environment.

When working here I get this strong feeling of connection and duty of care to the patients, my co-workers, family and myself. It’s so great learning from our chiropractors about health and wellness. I also benefit a lot from learning of our patients’ experiences as well.
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It also helps that when I’ve gone and injured myself exercising or am experiencing muscular or nerve pain all I have to do is go to work and I get to receive expert advice, treatment and care.

Based on these experiences I heartily recommend the Lawrence family to my own friends and family. I consider myself very lucky to have had this overwhelmingly positive experience in my life.

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