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Meet Our Staff

Marlo Davis | Chiropractic Assistant

Marlo of Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic in Melbourne CBD

Marlo, CA

I have been working for Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic for 27 years and it has been more than a pleasure to do so. I have seen nothing but excellent quality care and education that Drs Andrew, Ernest and Laura Lawrence (Chiropractors) have given to our patients as well as myself and my family.
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It has been a great learning experience for myself watching patients learn about chiropractic care and taking a natural approach to healing and good health. Seeing children enjoy their visits to the clinic with their families and starting off their lives in the best way, making chiropractic an important part of their life.

It is also very enjoyable and a great feeling when patients have referred others and shared with their friends and families the positive experience they have received from natural healing and education after attending our clinic.

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